Building Your Custom Home

STEP I -Owning a Custom Home Begins with the Land

The first step in building your custom home is taking the time to find the right homesite.  A homesite that feels like it meets your families needs and desires.  Its important to take into consideration the ambiance of the neighborhood, proximity to the places you frequent, and the orientation of your property.  This will all add up to the perfect location for your family.   IMAGINE LIVING THERE Walk the land, think about it, talk about it with your family and friends, fall in love with the property before you decide it is where you want to build the home you've always dreamed of - your legacy.  


Some questions to ask your self when selecting your homesite are:

  • What does the property look like at sunrise? 
  • Where is it situated on the street?
  • What will I see from the bedroom and dining room windows?
  • Which way is the sunset?  
  • Which way does the wind blow? 
  • Where should my patios be located? 
  • Is there room for a pool or sports court?
  • What are the available architectural styles?

STEP II - Select your Architect

Once you have purchased your ideal homesite the next step is to choose an architect.  Your selected architect will work with you to translate your ideas into your dream home.  Selecting an architect is based upon a combination of pragmatic and subjective criteria. Some use criteria related to style and experience while others rely on personal chemistry with the architect.  

Steps to take when selecting an architect include:

  • Interview 3-5 architects and ask for proposals from at least three.  
  • Expect to spend 6-8 weeks in selecting the right professional to design your home.  
  • Find an architect who is dedicated to designing traditional custom homes of architectural purity.
  • Be sure to provide your architect with the HOA's Design Guidelines and look for one who is comfortable designing in those styles.  
  • Make sure the architect understands and embraces your personal vision and style for your custom home.  
  • Trust their skill and intuition in guiding your vision to fruition during the designing process.


STEP III - Assemble your Team of Design Consultants 

It takes a team of consultants to design a custom home.  In additon to your architect, you'll need a primary team of professionals and a secondary list of consultants as the project progresses.


PRIMARY TEAM  Beginning with the initial stages of custom home design, you and your architect will select a design team.  This could take 6-8 weeks and your team will consist of: Landscape Architect, Soils Engineer, Civil Engineer, MEPS Engineer (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Structural).  

SECONDARY TEAM As your home progresses, you might need the services of other consultants. You and your architect will carefully put together a team that might include: Interior Designer, Lighting Specialist, Roofing Expert, Waterproof Consultant, Communications Consultant, Security Consultant, Information Technology Specialist


STEP IV -  Design Workshop

After you have selected your architect, there will be approximately 1-2 workshop meetings with your architect and selected members of the team.  The purpose of the meeting is to create a cohesive plan that encompasses the homeowners vision. 


STEP V - Preliminary Design 

This exclusive community has specific architectural styles selected to compliment the surrounding environment and to maintain continuity within the community.  The Preliminary Design phase inculdes reivew of such items as: Elevations, Window Styles, Building Materials, Colors, Exterior Details, Landscaping & Site Design.  


STEP VI - Design Submittal

The architectral drawings will be submitted to the City for reivew and approval.  The process will include a comment period for each City department.  The typical design review period takes 2-4 months.


STEP VII - Select Contractor 

The building contractor you select will be responsible for interpreting documents prepared by your architect and design team in order to build the home you envision.  


They say "Home is where the heart is".  At Bristlecone Structures Inc. we put our heart into building fine homes for today's lifestyle.  Our goal is to create homes that people love to come come to.  Homes that our clients are proud to share with family and friends.  We start by listening to our clients so that we understand what makes a home, truly home.  Our team of award winning land planners, architects and interior designers turns that vision into a three dimensional statement of style and functionality.  Floor plans are designed for Southern California living, blending interior and exterior living spaces.  Elevations are classic and timeless. To learn more about partnering with Bristlecone Structures, visit or call Ted for a free consultation 949-212-2960.


STEP VIII - Construction

Typically, construction of a new home can take from twelve to eighteen months. PHASES OF CONSTRUCTION Grading, Foundation, Framing, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air, Drywall, Flooring, Painting, Hardscape, Landscape).


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